Every kitchen is different, as is everyone’s cooking supplies. However different each cooking space may be however, there are core essential cookware and cooking items that can be commonly found in nearly every kitchen in the U.S. These cookware essentials not only help speed up the cooking process but help to make it fun and easy for every family member. This way you’ll not only enjoy eating your meal, but cooking it as well.

To help you get started in creating the perfect cooking space, here are 11 cookware and cooking supplies that will help you become your own master chef.

Non-stick Pan

tfal-nonstick-hotspot-cookware-setA signature staple in most kitchens, the non-stick pan is great for use anytime of the day. Most people however, find it especially helpful in the morning when cooking up their breakfast. Great for eggs and pancakes, this pan makes your morning routine that much smoother.

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Cast-iron Skillet

Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware SetA favorite of many, the cast-iron skillet is a skillet that should last a lifetime if taken care of. Another plus is that it can be used both on the stove top or in the oven, making it extremely versatile.

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Toaster Oven

Toaster OvenLike a regular oven, but on the much smaller size, a toaster oven is perfect for small meals for one or two. This way you’re not spending money heating up an entire standard size oven. In fact, toaster ovens fit great on most counter tops and can be put away after use if needed. Most people use toaster ovens for small pizzas, roasted vegetables and small meats.

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Slow Cooker

Slow CookerIf you love soups, gumbos and slow cooked meat, a slow cooker should be at the top of your list. These amazing, yet simple kitchen aids are perfect for those who rather do something else while their meal is cooking. Simply prep your ingredients, throw them into your slow cooker and then set it to low, medium or high and set your timer. In a few hours to a day, you’ll have an amazing meal. Depending on the size you purchase, you’ll have leftovers as well.

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Chef’s Knife

Chefs KnifeUsed for most everything, a chef’s knife can be used for meats, vegetables, fruit and bread. Because not all knives are created equal, it’s important to invest in a good one, as well as a sharpening stone. This way you’ll never have to worry about getting a replacement.

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Paring Knife

paring-knivesUnlike a large chef’s knife, paring knives are great for smaller projects. Generally speaking, these knives are used for cutting small slivers of cheese and for slicing fruit and delicate vegetables.

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Cutting Board

Cutting BoardsAlthough some kitchens do come with built in cutting boards, most do not, making it necessary to go out and buy one. The reason is, cutting boards save your counter top and dishes from unnecessary knife marks. They’re also very easy to use and clean, making them a no brainer.

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StrainerAfter cooking pasta or something similar, a strainer becomes your best friend. In all their glory, strainers help to make our lives easier by doing the work for you and making sure that every last drop of liquid is gone. Strainers also come in a variety of patterns, colors, sizes and materials. You’ll have your choice of mesh, plastic, blue, pink or polka dots.

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Measuring Cups

Measuring CupsMost of us like to play around with recipes and make them our own. This means changing the amount of each ingredient used as well as also changing the ingredients all together. Whether you like to change things up or not, measuring cups, both for liquid and solids are essential.

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Mixing Bowls

Mixing BowlsMost of us think of bowls as something made to eat out of and although you can certainly eat out of these, mixing bowls are the perfect companion for large and small batches of powder and liquid mixes. They’re also great for displaying a salad at the table.

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SpatulasThough they may be funny looking and many do come in bright comical colors, spatulas are a great kitchen tool that can be used for mixing frostings, batters and liquids as well as for scraping off the last bit of mix out of a bowl. When using a spatula, you’ll get your money back right away as you’ll find yourself reaching for it over and over again.

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Bonus Tip!

CookbookThough the above cooking supplies are essential in creating a productive kitchen, no kitchen is complete without a good cooking book. Cooking books come in all sizes and shapes and can be used to help you master cooking one cuisine type or another or they can be used to sample the favors of the world.

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11 Cookware Essentials for Every Kitchen

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