If you’ve just received a new set of stainless steel cookware (congratulations!), or bought yourself a set, you may be wondering what type of cooking utensils are okay to use with your new cookware and what to avoid. Luckily, because of its properties, you can pretty much use whatever you wish, though you may want to avoid cast iron and plastic utensils. Below you’ll find a list of cooking utensils that are completely fine (and safe) to use with your stainless cookware.

Metal Utensils

41Yi5kWjuKL._AC_US160_The most commonly used and found utensils, metal goes a long way and is easy to use and clean. Certainly a rock star in the kitchen, metal utensils are a sure bet for most all types of cookware. When pairing with stainless steel, you’ll want to lightly move food around the pan or pot and avoid pushing harshly into the bottom or scraping the bottom as both will, over time, leave little scratches. Though small scratches aren’t a big concern, big ones are.

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Wooden/Bamboo Utensils

41xM-+zeZCL._AC_US160_Another great choice, both wooden and bamboo utensils offer a great mixing tool without the worry of scratching up the bottom of a pot or pan. In fact, these tools are easily the softest to use utensils out there. You’ll find these in a variety of sizes and shapes as well. From large spoons to rectangle or square spatula like designs, you’ll find that there is pretty much one available for every type or size of pan out there. Another plus connected to the use of wooden utensils is that for some reason or another, they tend to have fairly long handles, which in turn help to keep your hand out of harms way if some of what you’re cooking spills over or spatters upward.

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Nylon Utensils

41634lrTSSL._AC_US160_Known for their flexibility and their easy to use handles, nylon utensils are a great choice for those who are nervous about making even the tiniest of scratches in their cookware. Because of their flexibility, you’ll find that it’s no trouble at all to scrape off food in even the hardest to reach corners and sides. One word of caution however, it’s best to hand wash these utensils with a scrub brush as some dishwashers may begin to slowly melt them.

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Silicone Utensils

41+bQJiptGL._AC_US160_Generally found in bright colors, silicone utensils are another popular and safe option that instantly adds a little style to your kitchen. Known for having a very high heat tolerance, silicone utensils are a great option if you plan on cooking on high most of the time. In fact, if you decide to use a silicone whisk and accidentally leave it in your pot for a while, you should be completely fine as no melting should occur. They also tend to be stain resistant, which in not always true for the other types of utensils found on this list.

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A Helpful Tip!

When cooking with stainless steel cookware, it’s always important to completely coat the bottom of your pan or pot with water, butter or the oil of your choice. This way you won’t have to worry about food sticking to the bottom of your pan, let alone your cooking utensils. This also makes for a much easier time cleaning.

4 Best Cooking Utensils For Stainless Steel Cookware

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