cooked-king-crab-legsHow to Cook King Crab Legs:

Alaska King Crab Legs are pre-cooked most of the time aboard the ship. They are easy to prepare at home, surprisingly. You do not need to cook the King Crab Legs again, just warm them and serve!

How To Prepare King Crab Legs Before Heating:

It is a good idea to thaw the Crab Legs overnight by placing them into the refrigerator, from out of the freezer. To make sure they have been thawed, try slightly bending the crab legs at their joints or slightly grabbing the central of the merus section. After thawing, you do not need to cook the King Crab Legs again, just warm them with your preferred way to heat. You can reheat the King Crab Legs and Claws after they have thawed in a refrigerator (just do not let them sit in the frozen ice and water) in a microwave, or with a steamer or broiler.

How To Heat Up King Crab Legs:

You simply need to thaw them out and warm them up in the way that works best for you. Most people recommend steaming or broiling, but different methods of warming them up include

How Long Do You Cook King Crab Legs:

Most of the time the “cooking” process (actually just heating them up) is between 5-7 minutes but it can depend on how you want to heat them up.

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