King Crab Legs Come In All Sizes:

King Crab Leg sizes are determined by the number of legs per 10 lbs, not counting claws although claws are usually packaged in with them. Some claws are smaller than others for the same size because there is one killer claw, and one feeder claw on each crab.

You can also do this yourself very easily with this formula:

  • 1 divided by leg weight in decimal (ie, 1/3 lbĀ  would be .33 lb) multiply by 10 = grading size
  • using this formula, a 1/3lb leg would be calculated as: (1/.33) X 10 = 30

Here’s a handy little conversion scale taking the per-leg weight and giving you the size grade since many retailers tell you only the per-leg weight in order to fool you into thinking it is big! Moral of the story is always ask if you don’t know and find an honest merchant!

  • 1/4lb leg = 40
  • 1/3lb leg = 30
  • 1/2 lb leg = 20
  • 2/3 lb leg = 15
  • 1lb leg = 10
  • 1.5 lb leg = 4
  • 2lb leg = 5
  • 2.5lb leg = 4
  • 3lb leg = 3

Typically anything above 20 is rated as 20+ but if you’re ordering and the retailer states the weight per leg, this gives you an idea of what you will be receiving. I know, it is a bit confusing since the sizing is per 10lbs instead of 1lb. Just remember, the smaller the number the bigger the crab leg size will be!

The smaller sizes are 12/14 or smaller; this means that there are 12 to 14 legs per 10 lbs, not counting the claws. There are a number of sizes in the middle and some places (like Fishex, see mail order) sell very small ones, in the 20 and even 30 size range which are TINY by comparison.

The largest King Crab Legs are 4/6 size which means 4 to 6 per 10 lbs. Many times the Jumbo King Crab legs are well more than 1 lb per leg. Very seldom but occasionally there are even larger ones but these usually must be special-ordered.

The largest Alaskan King Crabs can weigh more than 25 pounds and can get up to six feet from tip of one King Crab Leg to another. These are what people typically consider as Colossal or Jumbo.

If you’re going to spend the money for the King Crab, may as well get the biggest and the best!

One thought on “King Crab Leg Sizes

  • March 9, 2016 at 2:23 pm

    I am interested in being pointed towards an online vendor who has the hugest king crabs available.
    I am less concerned about cost than i am getting the biggest crab legs i’ve ever seen.
    10 years ago, when i was searching for the biggest Maine lobster possible, i ended up receiving a 23# lobster.
    Now i want to do this “giant thing” with king crab.
    I am serious.
    Karl Gunter


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