Crab Leg / Seafood Eating Tools

Serving and eating King Crab Legs is quite straight forward. King Crab Legs are pre-cooked so they only need to be thawed and warmed up a little, before they are ready to eat. (See Cooking Instructions)

How To Eat King Crab Legs:

At the dinner table, just add the butter or garlic butter and enjoy! King Crab Legs white, tender and show white meat has a sweet, succulent  taste that can be enhanced in countless ways. When you serve these on a table, make sure to have room to place the used shells, and room for tons of napkins!

How To Split King Crab Legs:

Some people have their seafood retailer crack the legs for them. Other people use nut crackers, knives or hammers to get the meat out.

Use Crab Leg / Seafood Eating Tools:

If you want to be fancy (or just make life a bit easier), you can always buy crab leg tools Рa set of two can be had for less than $10.

Use a Fork:

If you want to keep it simple, you can always just use a fork. Insert one of the fork legs into the end of the crab leg and then work your fork up the length of the shell, and this will eventually crack it open.

Buy Pre-split King Crab Legs:

Another option is to purchase pre-split King Crab Legs. These are not as common, but they are available so just ask your supplier.

Video Instructions:

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