Mail Order King Crab Legs are our preferred way to purchase.

Why? Most people don’t know, but much of the food in your grocery store’s seafood case has been frozen and at least partially thawed numerous times before it even gets to the case.

Next time you’re at the grocery store, look at the signs next to the seafood items – many will say “previously frozen” which is a labeling requirement for seafood, other than shellfish.

Seafood and especially King Crab Legs have a very high water content, and by thawing and re-freezing they are being dehydrated and subject to radical temperature changes which ruins the flavor.

Some mail order places (check with them and ask – accept no substitute it tastes much better!) have them flash-frozen the minute they are caught after processing so they are as fresh as possible!

So based on that, we highly recommend that you purchase your King Crab Legs mail order.

Here are some places you can find mail order King Crab Legs:


  • Alaskan Harvest Seafood:  800-824-4278
    • We have purchased from them numerous times and always happy.
    • They ship with dry-ice so the crab stays nice and frozen.
    • The owner’s name is Arpo and you can talk directly with him if you like just ask when you call during business hours. Now that’s personal service!
    • They offer the Jumbo/Colossal size. Many others only offer the small size.
    • They also have the pre-split types which are already cut and makes it easier to eat.
    • Prices are very fair, starting at $33.75/lb considering the sizes are 10 and up when everyone else is 20 or less. (smaller number = bigger legs)

Other Places:

  • Seabear: 800-645-3474
    • They have a “reservation-only” policy when we ordered which was a huge pain! We want our crab now and didn’t want to wait.
    • Well we tried it one time, and the size was smaller but it still tasted okay.
    • It was not worth the hassle for us.
    • Pricey considering the size at $33.99/lb
    • I am annoyed that they don’t clearly tell you the size you’re getting!
  • Fishex: 888-926-3474
    • We have not tried them, mostly because they sell the super small ones. The sizes are around the 20 mark, which is quite small. See sizing.
    • Considering the small size, the price is really high at $20/lb.
  • Crab Place: 877-EAT-CRAB
    • NOT HAPPY with them. This was one of our first places we tried until we found others. Customer service was terrible!
    • Prices are way high. $19.99 – $23.99/lb but the sizes are 30-20. I didn’t even know they were allowed to catch king crab that small!

Who has the best King Crab Legs?

Watch this video and find out – we measured the size of king crab legs from some of the more popular mail order companies.

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  • December 14, 2017 at 9:12 pm

    Great video! Thanks very much.

    Did you order the Jumbo King Crab or the SUPER Jumbo King Crab from Alaskan Harvest?


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