An estimated 40,000 Atlantic salmon escaped from a salmon farm on Port Elizabeth BC Canada when the netting got damaged, while crews were removing dead fish from the pen.

The recapture vessel didn’t go out fast enough and the fish managed to get as far away as 40Km. Atlantic salmon are not native to the Pacific region they are raised on farms. There are concerns that it is bad for the native salmon population when they escape, the people involved in the farming state that they will die in the pacific or be eaten. However 80 BC rivers have been found to have Atlantic Salmon in them. The David Suzuki Foundation reports that 536 Atlantic salmon have been found in Alaskan waters thats a staggering distance for them to travel.

The farmed salmon are often known to carry disease and parasites that can be passed onto the wild salmon. So there are calls to make fish farms have a closed containment system.


40,000 Salmon on The Swim!
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One thought on “40,000 Salmon on The Swim!

  • November 16, 2009 at 2:59 pm

    This stuff should be illegal, along wth hormone-fed beef, pigs and poultry. We all need to think about what we eat a bit more!


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