This week Alaska is hosting the second International Congress on Seafood Industry. Seafood experts from Japan, Italy, Portugal, the UK, South Korea, Iceland and India are visiting. The event is co hosted by The University of Alaska and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Seafood is set to help reach the future protein needs of a growing global population.

Anchorage is a great city to host the event as Alaska’s great Marine Stewardship is the gold standard. Alaskans are excited to learn from the Worlds seafood experts. The seafood industry is Alaska’s top employer giving jobs to 78000 people. Seafood is the states number one export and supplies 60% of the total American seafood harvest.

Alaska hopes to learn how to maximise fish meal and fish oil byproducts of fishing the latest in processing equipment, regulations and more.


Alaska to Host Seafood Conference

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