Alaskan school children are heading to South Central Alaska to collect salmon eggs and witness spawning and the arrival of the new generation of the much valued Alaskan salmon. It is part of an annual program called STREAM or Salmon Trout Restoration Education and Aquatic Management.

The Program is very important to the state as salmon affects the lives of Alaskans in many ways. The school children head to the streams to collect the eggs often getting great teaching about the fish right there, for a great slide show see the Anchorage daily news. They then take the eggs back to their class rooms to incubate them , closely monitoring the water temperature and learning the life cycle of the salmon. Once they hatch they are supplied with special food, as they reach the size of Fry’s they are taken to landlocked lakes. This is to protect the natural salmon population.

The children learn about good fishing practices and how to ensure the continued well being of the salmon.


Alaskan Kids are Collecting Salmon Eggs
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