During the darker months of winter there is often not enough sunlight to make vitamin D. This vital nutrient has been in the spotlight in recent months for its protection against heart disease, diabetes and overall good health. It was also been shown that low levels make it harder to lose weight and 9% of our children have low levels.

Wild Alaskan Salmon is one of the best dietary sources containing 360 IU (International units per 3.5oz).

Here are some other great sources:

  • cod liver oil – 360 IU per 3.5 oz
  • Salmon – 360 IU per 3.5oz
  • Mackerel – 345 IU per 3.5 oz
  • Tuna (canned) 250 IU per 1.75 oz
  • One cup of Milk – 98 IU
So yet another great reason to enjoy our fresh wild caught and delicious salmon.
How to Get Your Vitamin D in Winter Months
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