Share: is a wonderful website dedicated to supporting sustainable seafood and the restaurants that serve it. 80% of the Worlds fish stocks are over fished and some species are now classified as being endangered. The Site’s goal is to inform consumers to make wise decisions about the fish on their plates to protect the fish population for future generations.

The site allows you to search for restaurants in both the UK and the USA. It gives a rating system as follows:

5 Blue Fish
5 Blue Fish… Best in class! This restaurant really cares about sustainability and does absolutely everything to ensure it sources and serves seafood from well managed and certified fisheries and provides good information on what it is doing. Eat in this restaurant with a totally clear conscience.
4 Blue Fish
4 Blue Fish… An excellent restaurant which does its best to follow all the rules on sustainability. Eat here and enjoy without worrying about damaging fish stocks.
3 Blue Fish
3 Blue Fish… A very good restaurant that tries hard to source sustainably but needs to polish up a few areas of its sourcing or the information it provides. A good place to eat fish.
2 Blue Fish
2 Blue Fish… This restaurant tries hard in some areas of its fish and seafood sourcing but has a few blind spots. Eat fish here but ask the management about anything you think is unsustainable.
1 Blue Fish
1 Blue Fish… Still on the positive side of the thin blue line…. but only just. They might be doing a lot right but still have big gaps in their policies and the information they provide on sustainability. Eat fish at this restaurant but try to persuade the management to up their game.
1 Red Fish
1 Red Fish… This restaurant is not trying hard enough and, as far as we can see from the information it provides, it is not sourcing its fish sustainably. Eat here with caution and if you do, tell us what you find.
2 Red Fish
2 Red Fish… this restaurant looks from the information it provides to be serving fish which should be avoided. Read the review and ask yourself whether you really want to go there.
3 Red Fish
3 Red Fish… Proceed with caution. This establishment apparently is not paying enough attention to sustainability and you are likely to find fish on the menu which in the view of the authorities we cite shouldn’t be caught at all. We would not eat there but the individual diner must make up their own mind.
4 Red Fish
4 Red Fish… there may be horror stories here. Very little thought about the ocean environment. Menu may include fish which are on the IUCN Red List of endangered species without any indication that they are from sustainably managed sources.
5 Red Fish
5 Red Fish… Any restaurant rated 5 Red Fish will appear to be serving one or more endangered species without any indication that they are from sustainably managed sources. This is totally unacceptable when there are so many good alternatives available and shows a complete disregard for our planet and its fish stocks. Even if this place has handfuls of Michelin stars you wouldn’t find us going there but of course, diners must make their own decision.
  • The site is fairly new and not many restaurants have been rated and added to the site. However there are forms for you to fill in and rate restaurants to add to the list.
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