In new research scientists have discovered that in patients with higher levels of omega 3 intake the slower their telomeres shrank. Telomeres are a marker of the age of cells and therefore biological age.

The findings were reported by the University of California. It is proposed that if you eat more or supplement Omega 3 your cells stay healthier and age less quickly. The researchers followed 600 patients in the San Francisco Bay area with Coronary Heart Disease and recorded blood levels of Omega 3 and telomere length after 5 years it was found that as blood levels of Omega 3 increased the rate at which telomeres shortened decreased. The American Heart Association recommendations people with Coronary Heart Disease to get about a gram of Omega 3 a day.

Oily fish such as Salmon, tuna, trout and mackerel are an excellent source.


Omega 3’s Heart Protective Properties Explained

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