The Monterey Bay Aquarium has just released a list of seafood both high in omega 3 and sustainable or the super green list. The list has also been compiled with the lowest contaminant levels. The issues around mercury and contaminants in recent years has scared the public away from eating a lot of fish.

However with wise choices fish can make a wonderful part of a healthy diet, its lean, tasty and often rich in omega 3, zinc and other vital nutrients. The scientists state that eating just one serving of salmon a week contains enough omega 3 to decrease the risk of heart disease by 36%.

It is hoped that if consumers make wise choices the ocean will provide great seafood for years to come.

Many of our nations top chefs such as Alton Brown, Rick Bayless and Rick Moonen are onboard with the program and vow only to serve seafood on the green list.



The Green List
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