We’ve finally been able to snap a quick photograph of the difference between our Wild Salmon, and the typical farmed salmon that can be purchased at most grocery stores. Pictured here are three versions of the same species of fish. Keep in mind that this is King salmon, which has a natural pink color to it, yet the food coloring used to correct the farmed product makes it a deeper red color, similar to Sockeye. The health benefits of Wild Salmon are visually apparent in this picture, notice the blotches on the farmed fish, as well as the extremely pale center. It’s obvious that this farmed product hasn’t been able to develop to the extent that the Wild one has.

Farmed Salmon vs. Color-added Farmed Salmon vs. Wild Salmon

Left to right: Farmed Salmon, Farmed Salmon purchased from a grocery store after color has been artificially added, Wild Salmon from our inventory.

Wild Salmon vs. Farmed Salmon

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