This lovely and very simple recipe come from Louise of Fed and Watered a British Food Blogger:
Salt and pepper. Tomato and basil. Gin and tonic. Enduring combinations that avoid the tag of cliché by simply working. And, as I further my ambition to become a fish lover, I’m learning that the ideal partner for cod isn’t chips, but fennel.

This dinner begins with a fennel bulb trimmed, sliced into four (with the fluffy tops reserved for later) and arranged in a roasting tray with peas, runner beans sliced lengthways, and a thickly-shredded little gem lettuce.

Next, grate two big cloves of garlic over the top and dot over knobs of butter before dousing everything in a good dry white wine (I poured mine through the grater to rinse off the remaining garlic – good, no?) and seasoning. And that’s about as much effort as is required for the sauce.

The vegetables will take around 20 minutes so loosely cover your tray with foil and leave in the oven for about five minutes before laying fillets of cod on top and returning to the oven for another 15. About a minute before time’s up, sprinkle the reserved fennel tops over the fish and squeeze over little lemon juice.
I had two fillet of cod to myself so I didn’t think carbs were necessary but if you can’t go without, try some herbed new potatoes.

Baked Cod and Fennel
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