The following recipe comes from More Than a Mouthful, a first class blog written by Chef Dennis:

Summertime Grilled Shrimp Salad
4 oz Linguine
cook 1/4 lb of your favorite pasta, make sure it is aldente.  My favorite brand is De Cecco,  feel free to use whole wheat pasta if you like, it would go great with this salad)  rinse pasta and set aside.
6 –  (16-20 Count) Shrimp
marinate shrimp in olive oil, sea salt, and freshly ground pepper (the originally recipe called for pesto, but I did not see it in time)
allow shrimp to sit in seasoning for about 10 minutes.  (leave the shell on)
Grill shrimp for 3-4 minutes per side, set aside to cool then peel and devein.
2 Baby Artichokes
I had bought some baby artichokes and wanted to grill a few to go with this dish, I thought it would make a great garnish as well as a tasty little treat on the plate!
I kept to the same theme with this dish, and marinated the artichokes in Olive Oil, Lemon juice , Salt and Pepper. Split the artichokes in half to marinate. (save your marinade for the salad dressing).
Grill artichokes for about 10 minutes  most of the time on the cut side..
Your outer leaves of the artichoke will not have much meat on them, but as you get closer to the center you can eat the entire heart with some of the outer leaves, they will be so very tender and tasty!
Set artichokes aside.
Salad and Dressing
2 large handfuls of Salad Mix
8  Grape Tomatoes cut in half
Leftover Artichoke Marinade
1 Teaspoon of Balsamic Vinegar

The original dish used arugula as the salad base, there was none available when I shopped so I decided on   Organic Spring Mix.
For the dressing I used the leftover marinade from the artichokes, added in a little bit of balsamic vinegar and tossed the greens lightly in the dressing.
Linguine Aioli
2 ounces olive oil
1 large clove of garlic peeled and sliced
4 Basil leaves chopped
pinch of  Red Pepper Flakes
twist of freshly ground Black Pepper
sauté garlic in Olive Oil just enough to cook garlic, do not let it brown, then add basil, and  red pepper flakes.
Toss your linguine in the Aioli, and top with a little bit of freshly ground black pepper.
Assemble your Salad
Place a nice handful of your tossed greens as a base on the plates, add your grape tomatoes around the exterior of the greens.
Now add your pasta aoili layer on top of your salad greens, try to twirl it in a circular motion so it looks good on top of the greens.
Top with Grilled Shrimp, grate fresh Romano Cheese on top of the completed Salad, Garnish with your baby artichoke and enjoy!!
Summertime Grilled Shrimp Salad
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