Oxo Salad SpinnerMaybe you want to know which is the best perforated bowl that spins salad around to get rid of the water from rinsing the junk off your salad? WTH did the cavemen (and not the ones in the commercial) do? They shook the crap out of it! Thankfully we have Walmart and Ikea so we don’t have to exert ourselves so much. Pretty much any freaking salad spinner you can buy on will do the trick. Put salad in, spin it and remove it when less wet. If you’re really high, then spin it for a couple hours, otherwise about 45 seconds will do the trick. My fave are the OXO ones because they are high quality compared to others and get the job done. Put the salad in, spin it and remove it. You can see more about them here. Ikea sells one for $3.99 which is really cheap and also will get the job done, although it’s not nearly as high quality. The caveat is high shipping ($15 for me!) and unless you’re near an actual store I’d recommend using the shipping money toward a better product which will ship for free from Amazon. The best part of these salad spinners is that they don’t just spin rabbit food. They will also spin collard or kale greens which you can cook with some super awesome bacon or pancetta to add some fat (aka FLAVOR!) and make you some much better tasting food that will make you more fat and more happy.

What I like About It:

It spins whatever you want it to spin. Throw it in, and spin it. Done!

What I don’t Like About It:

WTF happened to just shaking stuff? For the other people like me who are lazy or impatient or addicted to kitchen gadgets, this is a great freaking kitchen gadget. Please buy this by clicking my link here so I can make a measly $2.40 to help feed my hungry dogs. Otherwise they will be stuck eating my left over McDonalds which we know isn’t healthy for any of us.

The Best Salad Spinner? It’s Soooo Complicated!
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