It’s tough to be in a celebratory mood when we’re constantly learning of more damage being done in theĀ Gulf of Mexico due to the recent oil spill and it’s spreading contamination. Regardless of what caused such an accident, or where it occurs, such an event is a true disaster, in more ways than just one.

Unfortunately, we are seeing trends that point to a potentially dramatic increase in fish and shrimp prices coming fromĀ Alaska. At first glance, an ocean disaster in the Gulf wouldn’t seem to be tied to Alaska, but as the oil spreads and poisons fish and shrimp species in the Gulf, the fishermen who made their living off of the southern coast of the United States are out of work. The lack of supply from the Gulf could lead to a higher strain and demand on the fish from the other areas, including Alaska. As the demand for seafood increases, we expect the prices to continue to rise as they have over the past few years, but at an even faster rate.

We’ve always taken pride in our ability to keep our prices competitive while only selling the highest quality available, but we warn that if trends continue, this may be the best time to purchase any fish or shellfish that you may need. We will always do our best to keep the prices reasonable, and are always looking for new sources and ways to deliver a good value to our customers.

-The Alaskan Harvest Team

A Special Announcement Regarding the Recent Oil Spill
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