With warm weather approaching and family gatherings here are some simple tips to cook delicious seafood on the grill:

  • Start your grilling with a clean grill
  • Marinate seafood for at least 2 hours to ensure the flavors soak in and keep marinate on the side for basting.
  • For even cooking place thicker pieces of seafood in the center of the grill and smaller pieces on the edges
  • Place fish fillets such as salmon straight on the grill using metal tongs for scallops and shrimp water soaked skewers work better
  • Look for color changes to see if your seafood is cooked salmon turns more opaque as it cooks and shrimp changes from clear to white
  • Cook your seafood 2-3 minutes then turn to obtain perfect grill marks to impress your guests
Tips for Grilling Seafood
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