The Census for Marine life has found some amazing creatures of the deep sea in the last few years here are a few:

  1. Dumbo Octopi – these octopods have huge giant elephant like fins and can reach 6 feet long
  2. Yeti Crab – it has hairy pinchers which contain special detoxifying bacteriaYeti crab
  3. Neocyema -found at depths of 2000-2500 meters its a strange looking orange creature.
  4. Transparent sea cucumber – found at depths of 2650 meters it crawls along at 2 cm a minute and eats sediment along the bottom.
  5. Golden copepod- a tiny crustacean from the abyss
  6. Blind Lobster- It has long claws and is extremely rareBlind Lobster
  7. Benthic Comb Jelly – found at 7217 meters near Japan it is the deepest living ctenophore and scientists are amazed that it can survive at this depth.
  8. Ghost Shrimp – found at 1324 feet using a special television assisted grabber.Ghost shrimp
Its amazing to think of all this wonderful creatures going about their daily life deep below the ocean, and thats where is so important to buy sustainable and wild seafood, to protect them.
Amazing Deep Sea Creatures
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