A new study has found that baking or boiling fish instead of dried or salted or fried has more heart health benefits from Omega 3. The researchers studied the intake of omega 3 in 82,234 men and 103,884 women in Los Angeles County and Hawaii aged between 45-75 years old, with no history of heart disease.

The study particpants were followed for 11.9 years and it was found that men who consumed the most omega 3 found in oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines and tuna 3.3 g per day had a 23% lower risk of cardiac death.

One of the researchers stated that “We did not directly compare boiled or baked fish versus fried fish, but one can tell from the [risk] ratios, boiled or baked fish is in the protective direction, but not fried fish,” Meng said.


Bake or Boil Fish For Maximum Benefit
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