Recently, the Greenpeace organization has released a ranking of many nationwide grocery and supermarket outlets, commenting that the commonly sold farmed Atlantic salmon, as well as shrimp, pollock, cod and tuna are all considered to be “red listed.”

Red listing is the Greenpeace term for hazardous, or unacceptable scores on their ranking structure. While we in the industry have known for a long time that Atlantic salmon, especially the farmed variety has been widely sold to consumers through supermarkets regardless of the health issues it causes, the public is just beginning to become aware of the true dangers of this fish. High mercury content, as well as water pollution and poor maintenance of the facilities where these fish are raised can lead to serious side-effects if the product is consumed. We don’t even recommend this for a pet!

Recently we’ve even changed our supply of Alaskan Tuna so that our products remain completely acceptable on even the toughest standards.

Read the full article about Greenpeace and their thoughts on the changing status of the seafood industry here.

Greenpeace scoring ranks supermarkets failing
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