The list of Jewelers vowing to boycott gold from the proposed pebble mine is expanding. The pebble mine a project proposed to mine for gold and other valuable minerals in the Bristol bay area of Alaska by Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. and Anglo American. Is said to be worth millions however there are concerns that the mine will damage the environment and severely affect the areas precious salmon population.

Big brand jewelers such as Herff Jones and Commemorative brands Inc, Burks and Mayors and Hacker Jewelers have joined the list of jewelers that will not purchase gold from the mine. So far the 18 jewelry companies against pebble mine add up to $3.7 billion in jewelry sales. In fact the group is headed up by none other than Tiffany and Co. with annual sales of $ 1.5 billion.

The pebble project recently increased its budget by $10 million to prepare for up coming state and federal permitting.

Hacker jewelry are quoted as saying that they have concerns for the salmon population and the pristine waters of the area, also the company prides itself in using a lot of recycled gold for its jewelry making.

Local fishing groups are working with the jewelers on this venture as Bristol Bay is said to be the states most valuable fishery.

In future you may be asking where the gold was mined for that beautiful piece of jewelry you are about to buy…


Jewelers Unite to Protect Alaska’s Salmon
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