On January 3, 1959, “Seward’s Folly” was transformed from an expanse of land known for its native human cultures, rich mineral and natural resources, and spectacular wild beauty into the 49th American state.  In honor of Alaska’s upcoming 50th birthday, a number of cultural and tourism groups have organized special exhibits, events and outings – including expanded museums in Anchorage and Fairbanks, a number of increased amenities for tourism and travel throughout the state, craft fairs featuring works by local native artists, wildlife viewing, ski competitions, and more.

One of our favorite events includes the launch of the new 80 foot cruise yacht, the excellently named M/V Alaskan Harvest from Parker Guide Service.  The cruises range from day trips to a week or longer, and are tailored to customer interests – photography, fishing, wildlife viewing and sightseeing.  

While no official relationship exists between M/V Alaskan Harvest and her namesake, Alaskan Harvest Seafoods, both emphasize conservation, sustainability, and respect and appreciation for the incredible natural beauty that is the Alaskan wild.  


M/V Alaskan Harvest
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