Recent studies show that the ocean is becoming more acidic. The ocean takes in carbon dioxide from the air from power stations and car fumes thus increases acidity this in turn robs it of calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is the building block of shell fish and makes up the skeleton of sea creatures. So far coral, clam, king crab and oysters are showing signs of erosion. Alaskan Pollock are also being affected by the acidity and compensating by their internal chemistry however scientists fear that this could adversely affect their growth and development.

Oyster growers have lost large numbers of stock due to acidic ocean waters entering their holdings.

Scientists fear that the tiny mollusks and pteropods will be affected the most. Salmon feed on these studies show that a 10% drop in pteropods leads to a 20% drop in salmon weight.

The scientists plan to start a program whereby Alaskan crabbers collect water and send it in for analysis to hopefully better understand the problem and help.


Ocean Acidification and its Affect on Sealife

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