It is often said that an army marches on its stomach (Napoleon). Omega 3 fatty acids abundant in oily fish such as salmon have many health properties from protecting the heart, lowering triglycerides, brain function, eye function and combating depression the list goes on.

It is also viewed as Nutritional armour in particular its ability to improve soldiers stress resilience and general wellness. These issues were recently discussed at a conference held in December last year dietitians also stated that millions of dollars could be saved in health care costs if the military’s diet is supplemented with Omega 3 fatty acids.

Of particular interest is Omega 3’s role in decreasing depression this is a big concern for troops returning from duty and there is a high rate of suicide and post traumatic stress syndrome.

So if you are in the military or have family members in service why not order some omega 3 rich seafood for them!


Omega 3 To Be Increased in Military Diet

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