Jumbo squid that can reach up to 110lb and a staggering 7 feet long and can eat precious salmon are moving north. They are known as diablos rojos in Mexico or red devils and have even been known to attack divers, historically they live around Peru and South America but are becoming increasingly common along the Pacific Northwest. Scientists think it may be due to the effects of global warming and increasing ocean temperatures.

In recent years fishermen have started to find the squid in their nets of the coast of Oregan and Washington State. In the past they were regarded as transient visitors and now they seem to be new residents of the area. In 2005 the squid were even seen as far north as Sitka Alaska.

It may also be due to the overfishing of their regular food hence the reason for moving north to look for more, but no one really knows. They eat krill, lantern, shrimp, sardines other squid and salmon. Eating a mamouth 15% of their own body weight a day.

Although Scientists are not sure if the squid are affecting the salmon populations, that have been dropping in recent years. The squid also eat the food of smaller marine mammals such as seals and sea lions thus forcing them to eat more salmon.

The State Department of Fish and Wildlife is giving fisherman a chance to sell any of the squid that they accidently catch along with the salmon in the State of Washington. Fisherman are pleased with the new rule as they fear that the squid will affect salmon numbers and in turn their livelihood.


Salmon Eating Squid Moving North
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