It’s official. Salmon is now a miracle food – or at least so say the diet specialists of pop-goddess and all-around diva Madonna. As a part of her new health program designed to take 12 years off her looks, Madonna will be embarking on a new diet and exercise regimen that will involve eating copious amounts of wild Alaskan salmon, drinking “Kabbalah” water, and spending a lot of time in cardio workouts.

The main reason why salmon fits the bill of “age-defying” supplements is its high levels of the beneficial oils found in cold water fish – Omega 3s, in particular, known as the “super-unsaturates.” Not only do these oils lower cholesterol and triglycerides, but they help skin retain moisture, which reduces facial wrinkles and keeps the surface warm and glowing. Salmon is also an excellent source of protein, and its inclusion as a long-term part of a healthy diet promotes the production of keratin, collagen, and melanin. It can also reduce inflammatory illnesses such as colitis, arthritis, and migraine headaches thousands of times more effectively than aspirin.

Salmon has been touted by stars and health experts alike, from Oprah to Jillian Michaels. Can one of the most powerful tips for beauty really be so simple? Apparently so.

Seafood of the Stars
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