Alaska’s wild salmon season opened May 13th it runs through October and is projected to result in a harvest of 137 million salmon. Salmon will be caught by thousands of fisherman and woman around Alaska. Alaska has five species of salmon King, Sockeye, Keta, Pink and Coho and supplies 90-95% of the wild salmon caught in the US. The king salmon is the first to be caught and has a wonderful flesh and flavor it is loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids. Sockeye then enters the market they are famous for a deep red color and rich flavor.

Later in the summer the keta are caught these have a firm texture making them ideal for steaks and smoking. Then the pink the smallest of the Alaskan salmon in Mid June so named for their rosy pink color.  Finally the silver salmon are caught they have a high fat content and orange red flesh. With an abundance of tasty salmon and a well run sustainable fishing system we are able to enjoy this mighty fish all year long.


Wild Salmon Season Opens
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