• 62% of America’s seafood comes from Alaska.
  • A staggering 96% of the wild salmon caught comes from Alaska.
  • Alaska is the Worlds number 9 seafood producer.
  • Alaska’s seafood sustainability program is the envy of the World.
  • Salmon harvest in 2009 was the 11th best since statehood.
  • However Salmon numbers in the Yukon river are down, prompting increased budget for research into the reason why.
  • The global recession decreased the price of fish.
  • Halibut numbers are down and catch limits were decreased.
  • Alaska has a wonderful net recycling program, yet another green idea.
  • Fishing is still one of the countries dangerous jobs, 26% higher than other US workers.
  • Alaska is no allowing fishing in the Arctic region until more research is carried out to ensure sustainability.
A Look Back at Alaska’s 2009 Fishing Year
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