During these winter months Alaskan school children are watching eagerly as the salmon eggs in specially designed tanks prepare to hatch. The little fry slowly develop in the cold water aquariums in 100 schools, they rest in redds or nests then in mid to late winter they hatch into alevins. The Alevin doesn’t swim all that well and it still has a yolk sac so hides in the rocks at the bottom.

The program is designed to mimic their natural environment so that in the spring they can be released.

During the winter children often go on field trips ice fishing and have the chance to dissect a salmon and learn about its anatomy. Salmon is an integral part of life in Alaska and a big part of the economy.

It is valuable to teach young children about salmon’s value and how to make sure it remains a sustainable resource for years to come.


Alaskan Classrooms are Incubating Salmon Eggs
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