• Dungeness Crab season opened on October 1st in the South East part of Alaska for 200 crabbers and several shrimp fishermen. The season opens on October 15th in The Bering Sea this is the biggest of Alaska’s fisheries and is said to have healthy stocks.
  • In the Bristol Bay area crab quota’s were reduced this year to 48 million pounds of crab thats an 18% decrease.
  • The King Crab quota was reduced by 21.4% or 16 million pounds.
  • The Tanner Crab quota was reduced by 1.3 million pounds.
  • In Saint Mathew Island the blue king crab fishery was opened up after 10 years as the stocks had replenished themselves.
  • In the South East the November crabbing season will be closed for red king crab and blue because the harvest is said to be too small. The Department of Fish and Game surveyed 9 locations looking at the adult male red king population and reported it to be at a 16 year low.
Alaska does a great job at monitoring levels of seafood and only opening up well stocked area’s the state prides itself in sustainable seafood. In fact since 1959, the Alaska constitution has mandated that “fish…be utilized, developed and maintained on the sustained yield principle”

Here at Alaska Harvest we will only get our seafood from well stocked area’s so we can enjoy this wonderful food for generations to come.
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