Today, the top story on is an article about eating Eco-friendly and healthy seafood. While this is a good topic to cover, they’ve gone about it in the worst way possible.

The article covers the top 10 BEST fish to eat, as well as the top 10 WORST. While a few of their examples are spot on, like Albacore Tuna, and Chinook/King Salmon (which we carry), others such as farmed products like Rainbow trout provide horrible nutrition and offer high levels of toxins. Remember, it’s not only mercury that is bad, it’s also the living conditions of the fish!

We have to give them some credit however, as they are bringing good publicity to an unaware consumer base. Remember, if you eat Wild Alaskan and Northern Pacific Seafood, you will increase the chances of living longer, and having a better life doing it!

Read the articles here:

Top 10 Worst

Top 10 Best recommending unhealthy seafood
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