The new USDA dietary guidelines were just released here’s a summary:

Fat and Salt:

Saturated fat intake should be less than 7% of a total days caloric intake, it was 10%

Trans fats have been halved now 0.5% its best to try and have as a little as possible in the diet


This has also been lowered now the daily intake should be 1500mg or lower it was 2300mg

Potassium intake should be increased as this decreases sodium levels in the body


Eat more fruits and vegetables, and whole grains, limit refined carbohydrates like sweets, white bread and white rice.


2 4oz servings a week to obtain 150mg of Omega 3 a week. This is good news for fish lovers, fish remains a great source of protein, low in fat and rich in Omega 3 and maintains a valuable place in the dietary guidelines for Americans.


The Low Down on the New USDA Dietary Guidelines
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