This simple and very tasty recipe for cod comes from Chow and Chatter:
  • 2 fillets of cod
  • about 2 tablespoon of Turkish fish spice mix or a mild curry powder
  • one pack of new potatoes
  • one bunch of fresh parsley
  • one cup of 2 % milk
  • one tablespoon of corn flour
  • one tablespoon of butter
  • any desired vegetables
  1. Simply coat the fish with the spices and cook on a medium heat in a little olive oil with a lid for about 7 minutes
  2. meanwhile boil the potatoes and vegetables
  3. make a white parsley sauce by heating the butter, adding the flour to make a roux and then slowly stirring in the milk, add the parsley and allow to thicken.
Turkish Spiced Cod
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